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When you need an investigator you can trust to provide detailed, thorough, and clear evidence for your case there is

no better group to engage.

M. Wade - Business Owner

Adultery, Cheating Spouses

Adultery and infidelity can be difficult for any family; especially when children are involved.

Proving your case in court will require tangible evidence that we can help you acquire.

Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers' compensation fraud occurs when someone willfully makes a false injury claim in order to receive financial compensation or benefits.  

Failing to expose this type of fraud can lead to higher premiums for employers.

Skip-Tracing, Location Services

Skip-Tracing, also known as "locating someone" can be difficult.  We utilize extensive data and hit the streets to find what you need. 

GPS Tracking, Surveillance

GPS Tracking is utilized in nearly every investigation and offer this service completely free to clients.

Surveillance gathering is more than just setting up a camera and waiting, the human element is required to ensure we capture the evidence you need.

I would use them again and again. They provided everything I needed and it was put together in a fully completed file. They also included extra information for my final presentation in Family Court.

P. Schmierer - Father

Utilizing investigations as a tool for Corporate Risk Management.

*Work Related Injury Fraud
*Security Vulnerability Assessments
*Data Driven Background Checks
*Combating Corporate Espionage